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[ossig] PMIMY-MNCC Evening Talk on Anticipating Project Troubles

Hi there,

Dear sir/madam,

Project Management Institute, Malaysia Chapter would like to invite you
to be our guest at our evening talk:

Topic: Anticipating Project Troubles
Speaker: Robert Gan
Date: 25th May 2005
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Send your
1.      name,
2.      organization,
3.      email address
4.      contact number
to homk@tm.net.my

Cost: RM20/- Only ( RM18/-  for PMIMY and MNCC member ) Cash payment
shall be made at our reception desk during the event

Venue:Sunway University College, Bandar Sunway

Anticipating Project Troubles

All projects have its fair share of challenges. Some project troubles
can be anticipated and experience shows those who are on the job are
better able to anticipate them while others maybe content to deal with
them as and when they arise. No matter how well we anticipate the
challenges ahead, there will be some that are overlooked, some due to
unforeseen circumstances and some due to acts of God.

Project troubles anticipated need to be managed and provided for in the
project plan and budget. Some of these can be avoided, preemptive steps
undertaken or if the contingent event occurs, action plan are in place
to address them.

Irrespective of whether the project troubles were anticipated or not
they have to be addressed as and when they occur. The steps to take can
be from changing resources, changing travel plans, dispersing the team
at short notice in view of a calamity, rearranging work sequence,
compressing task at a cost, swapping with similar materials of equal
quality, better and more supervision to the actual rectification work.

Learning from experience of others will enable the project manager to be
better prepared and better organized to preempt the event or address
each project challenge as they occur.

Speaker’s Profile:

Robert has been trained in Accountancy, System Analysis/ Design, Project
Management & Business management. Over the last 20 years he has helped &
coached business owners & their team in addressing business issues,
procedure realignment, provision of alternatives, proposing work-around
solutions & business process improvements.

He had been with the Sunway Group as Senior consultant and later as
Project manager. Then he joined KPMG Consulting (APAC) as Consulting
manager before moving on to PWC Consulting (East Asia) as as Principal
consultant. In the 15 years, he has managed more than 20 projects of
various project values and complexities including implementation of
systems for companies involved in mega projects & projects of
multi-national scope.

Robert has managed & personally implemented AEC & ERP Applications in
Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia for
Industries and businesses ranging from construction of High-rise
Buildings, Civil to General Construction, M&E, Engineer-to-order
Manufacturers, IT suppliers, ERP implementers and Software developers.
These projects involve working with:

1. The QS in setting up the BQs for respective project phases (often
referred to as cost codes) and cost types for Materials, Labour,
Equipments, Subcontracts & Overheads of varying details with varying
methods of computation for estimating cost to completion.

2. Contract managers/Project managers in managing project work in
progress, procurement of quantity & values against original or revised
project budgets & supervision of Variation orders.

3. Financial controllers in the project cost integration to Accounting &
recognition of profits for long term work in progress.

The training & career development gained over the years has enabled
Robert to gained the honour of Distinction in the Cambridge Career
Award, Professional Diploma in Project Management.

Robert is also an ACTION International trained business coach. He is now
the Director of Professional Development of Project Management
Institute, Malaysian Chapter.


Ho Min Khang
Director of Programs
Project Management Institute, Malaysian Chapter


best wishes.
/nan phin

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