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[ossig] Dvorak on mob rule

"And apparently it doesn't take much provocation, as the Linux community is 
slowly evolving into a state of mob rule, with the cheerleaders being 
paranoid crackpot leftovers from the waning days of Amiga. "Too nutty even 
for the Mac community? We welcome you!"

Now these lunatics are issuing death threats? I can tell you that my mere 
mentioning of any of this will result in incredibly hateful attempted 
postings on this forum and on my moderated blog. What is wrong with these 

If anything is going to kill Linux and the open-source movement, it's the 
presence of certifiable lunatics in the ranks representing the users. It 
may be that this is actually a deep Astroturf PR campaign orchestrated by 
Microsoft to discredit open source and Linux. It sure seems like something 
weird is going on.

I can tell you this much: Normal people do not like being associated with 
fanatics and lunatics. Once Linux gets the image as the OS for the 
criminally insane, it's a dead duck. Unless the community gets a handle on 
this, grows up, and rebukes the extremists, the trash heap of history is 
where this is all headed" - John C. Dvorak

more at http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1816440,00.asp

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