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On 05/19/05 22:42 Paul Tan said the following:
> Dinesh Nair wrote:
>> software developing company in Mont Kiara looking for the following. 
>> email me for contact details.
>> System Designer/Ananlyst_*
>> Experienced software application system cum database (Oracle, SQL,etc)
>> designer with Java (J2EE) background. He/She should have been through a
>> software development lifecycle. Skill in MVC, UML, JSP will be an added
>> advanatge.
>> _*JAVA Developer
>> *_Java development. Reporting tool experience. Familiar with Websphere
>> Studio, Rational Rose  programming tool will be an added advantage.
> Is this the one where one of Uncle Lim's sons bought shares in?

no. said firm is run by a buddy of mine, and they're moving from being an 
SI into a software development outfit.

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