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[ossig] Draft of the Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for OSS

Dear All,

The draft of The Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for OSS, 
a.k.a. MyGIFOSS is available for public viewing and comments. This document 
is prepared as part of the Malaysian Public Sector OSS Initiative.

You can download the document here:


On behalf of the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management 
Planning Unit (MAMPU), I would like to solicit feedback, comments, 
suggestions, criticisms and flames (but only if you can take as good as you 
give). Feedback can be sent to:


or better yet, get into the forum at the website so that everyone can see, at:


Now, before it all starts, allow me to be a little defensive. Any errors, 
shortcomings, mistakes, etc. are entirely my fault and not those of MAMPU or 
the Malaysian Government. Any feedback that would help to make the document 
better would be greatly appreciated and we will try as fast as we can to 
incorporate the changes.

However, you don't have to point out the typos and grammatical errors (unless 
they're so glaring that heckles get raised too high). We'll be going through 

Parts of the document were based (and in some cases lifted entirely) from the 
The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines, which can be found here:


so please don't point that out to us. We know already. The copyright to that 
document is as so:

(c) European Communities. Reproduction is authorised provided the source is 

and we have duly acknowledged it.

Finally, comments can also be sent to me directly (though why you'd want to is 
beyond me) at:


but please include the words MyGIFOSS in the subject line so that I can filter 
the emails into a separate container.

Thank you and have fun.


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