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[ossig] Re: [myoss] Draft of the Malaysian Government Interoperability Frameworkfor OSS

On 05/30/05 14:51 Yusseri Yusoff said the following:
> Dear All,
> The draft of The Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for OSS, 
> a.k.a. MyGIFOSS is available for public viewing and comments. This document 
> is prepared as part of the Malaysian Public Sector OSS Initiative.
> You can download the document here:
> http://opensource.mampu.gov.my/documentation/MyGIFOSS_SR-2-1.pdf

some comments,
(all page numbers are document pages, not pdf pages)

1. pg 12, FreeBSD has both ipfilter and IPFW, with IPFW being the natively 
supported SPF while ipfilter is contributed software, but built into the 
kernel thru hooks.

2. pg 29, perhaps a short description of Qmail should accompany sendmail.

3. pg 30, 2.5.2 it should be Mail User Agent (MUA) and not Mail Access Agent.

4. pg 39, 2.6.1 descriptions for ipfilter and IPFW missing

5. pg 12, IPSec as a VPN technology should be covered as well

6. missing totally are specification and recommendations for the use of 
other networking and communications technologies such as packet voice 
(VoIP) as well as interconnect standards for the same. things like SIP, 
H.323 and MGCP (line protocols) and G.711a, G.711u, 06.10 GSM, G..729a 
(codecs) should be included.

7. also missing totally is NFS (v2, v3 and v4) as a filesharing standard, 
with only Samba specified. Samba is not a standard, it's a product which 
uses Microsoft's CIFS protocol.

7. some measure of form must include potential evaluation of IPv6 support 
in procurements starting in calender year 2005 for an eventual migration to 
IPv6 over the next 5-10 years, such being the lifecycle of most government 
IT procurement.

8. the document reads like a migration guideline rather than a 
standards/interop document. if it was the latter, i'd expect to see more 
suggestions and recommendations utilizing actual standards (denoted by IETF 
or IEEE standards docs), rather than suggesting products. for eg, specify 
the RFCs associated with HTTP rather than saying HTTP. the problem is, many 
proprietary vendors would bastardize the standard and yet claim compliance 
when we all know this isnt true anymore.

and that's just for starters. :)

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