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[ossig] Fwd: [myoss] MYGIFOSS (Draft of the Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for OSS) comments

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From: Nur Hussein <nhussein@gmail.com>
Date: May 30, 2005 5:42 PM
Subject: [myoss] MYGIFOSS (Draft of the Malaysian Government
Interoperability Framework for OSS) comments
To: myoss@my-opensource.org

Concerning the MyGIFOSS document which mentions BSD systems on pages
19-21, all the open source BSD flavours are listed as having "no known
limitations". This is incorrect, as far as I know:

1. All the BSDs scale horribly on multi-CPU SMP systems (>8 and you're
in trouble).
2. PAE support seems to be lacking, making the BSDs unable to use
large-memory machines (>6GB)
3. BSD is not as rigourously tested on high-end systems (>8 CPUs, >6GB
RAM) as Linux.

Based on this I would say *BSD is a poor choice for high-performance
high-end SMP machines.

I am sure the numerous fans of *BSD here will now commence to flame me
to a crisp. Please feel free to point out if I'm wrong or if the
situation has since improved for any of the *BSD's.

-= Nur Hussein =-

On 5/30/05, Yusseri Yusoff <yusseri@ieee.org> wrote:
> Dear All,
> The draft of The Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for OSS,
> a.k.a. MyGIFOSS is available for public viewing and comments. This document
> is prepared as part of the Malaysian Public Sector OSS Initiative.
> You can download the document here:
> http://opensource.mampu.gov.my/documentation/MyGIFOSS_SR-2-1.pdf
> On behalf of the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management
> Planning Unit (MAMPU), I would like to solicit feedback, comments,
> suggestions, criticisms and flames (but only if you can take as good as you
> give). Feedback can be sent to:
> contact_centre@oscc.org.my
> or better yet, get into the forum at the website so that everyone can see, at:
> http://opensource.mampu.gov.my/index.php?option=com_simpleboard&Itemid=56
> Now, before it all starts, allow me to be a little defensive. Any errors,
> shortcomings, mistakes, etc. are entirely my fault and not those of MAMPU or
> the Malaysian Government. Any feedback that would help to make the document
> better would be greatly appreciated and we will try as fast as we can to
> incorporate the changes.
> However, you don't have to point out the typos and grammatical errors (unless
> they're so glaring that heckles get raised too high). We'll be going through
> those.
> Parts of the document were based (and in some cases lifted entirely) from the
> The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines, which can be found here:
> http://www.netproject.co.uk/docs/migoss/
> so please don't point that out to us. We know already. The copyright to that
> document is as so:
> (c) European Communities. Reproduction is authorised provided the source is
> acknowledged.
> and we have duly acknowledged it.
> Finally, comments can also be sent to me directly (though why you'd want to is
> beyond me) at:
> yusseri@ieee.org
> but please include the words MyGIFOSS in the subject line so that I can filter
> the emails into a separate container.
> Thank you and have fun.
> yusseri
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