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[ossig] Re: MYGIFOSS (Draft of the Malaysian Government InteroperabilityFramework for OSS) comments

On 05/30/05 17:42 Nur Hussein said the following:

 > 1. All the BSDs scale horribly on multi-CPU SMP systems (>8 and you're
 > in trouble).
 > 2. PAE support seems to be lacking, making the BSDs unable to use
 > large-memory machines (>6GB)
 > 3. BSD is not as rigourously tested on high-end systems (>8 CPUs, >6GB
 > RAM) as Linux.

i disagree. see various papers presented in BSDCon 2003, 2004 and 2005.

 > Based on this I would say *BSD is a poor choice for high-performance
 > high-end SMP machines.

and that's subjective, perhaps something more objective would have helped.

of course, when it comes subjectivity and linux limitations, perhaps we may 
want to suggest that linux could be encumbered if SCO were to win their 
lawsuit against ibm, thus requiring a recall of every linux kernel using 
the affected code. imagine the cost to the user. *evil grin*

or that the primary owner of the linux kernel is wont to change his source 
control systems because other oss developers are trying to reverse engineer 
his friend's proprietary source control system's protocols.

or perhaps another limitation would be the propensity of linux 
distributions to fork, grow out of control and stagnate in different stages 
of completion/maturity, thus confusing the user even further.

the point of all this being that the document as i understood from its name 
was supposed to be a standards guideline and not a product pitch with 
suitability and fit for purpose type statements. in a standards/interop 
framework, we're supposed to be specifying STANDARDs and not products to be 
considered. any product, as long as it meets the standard, should then be 
evaluated for purpose, price and technical merits during the procurement 

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