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[ossig] Re: [myoss] MYGIFOSS (Draft of the Malaysian GovernmentInteroperability Framework for OSS) comments

On Mon, 2005-05-30 at 17:53 +0800, Nur Hussein wrote:

> Ok, this may be a little poorly phrased. PAE support exists, but it's
> not as mature or thoroughly tested as Linux.
> Again, feel free to correct me. I don't pay attention to BSD that closely.

Maturity? Since 1BSD was out in 1978, does that make Linux relatively
new and immature entry that hasn't been tested for at least two decades?

This is a FOSS interoperability paper. Feedback such as as this on FOSS
alternatives and promoting a mono-culture is hardly conducive.

I agree with Dinesh that the fact the paper should concentrate more on
open standards and interoperability.

Ie. adherence to POSIX standards, ISO C, W3C, IMAP, ICal, OpenDocument

The fact that all of us, using various email clients on various
operating systems can send and read each other emails is what we want to

Not on issues such as whether ports, portage, rpm or deb is the one and
only package solution for all.

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