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RE: [ossig] Draft of the Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for OSS

The draft of The Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for OSS, 
a.k.a. MyGIFOSS is available for public viewing and comments. This document 
is prepared as part of the Malaysian Public Sector OSS Initiative.

Hmm. Not so convincing. Have seen better.
Is more a readup on all the plentiful stuff we have; will be outdated in short time; does not offer more than a common sense no-nonsense approach to the change management.

Imran put so much effort into this, and we end with a generic thingy that looks like copied from somewhere else; at least gobbled together from the web. The stuff that I know, when I look at it, is very much identical to what you find at the sources of the projects.

Should I say that Plone on Zope is badly missing ? But that would be wrong. Over a year we have better and different. So to make it a final paper is wrong as well. It ought to have been a dynamically updated collection, with a static basics on standards and formats; like for e-mail, http, everything, including of course for office applications.
It should prescribe open formats and standards, because this is where - the subject says it - INTEROPERABILITY comes in.

As long as some big shots can guarantee that there is nothing to scratch their business, even MAMPU can write up what they want.
Overall, to me, it is not what it pretends to be.
It is merely a guide, a hand-out, to those with enough courage to try FOSS, to go along. The fearless may go. If they so desire.

Unfortunately we will get on like this, until we have nothing left to lose before we finally develop courage to try the untrodden paths.