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Re: [ossig] MyGIFOSS (redux)

On 30 May 2005 at 17:59, Yusseri Yusoff wrote:

> Dear All,
> The latestest[1] version of MyGIFOSS is now available for download at:
> http://opensource.mampu.gov.my/documentation/MyGIFOSS_FS-1.pdf

MyGIFOSS = The Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework for Open 
Source Software

With that in mind, the thing that strikes one immediately on thumbing 
through the document is that most of the contents do not seem to be for an 
interoperability framework, instead they are more appropriate as a guide 
to the selection and usage of OSS in certain areas and also as guidelines 
for IT Managers on the implementation of OSS solutions and for migration 
to OSS.

IMHO the document will be more befiting its name if an actual "framework" 
for interoperability in government information systems is proposed making 
use of open standards with OSS as an implementation vehicle as far as 

The document is still useful if it is taken to be a guide for OSS 
implementation in the government sector.

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