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Re: [ossig] ESR on BSD and GPL

> but you miss the proper response to your assertion, could you explain the
> current continuation of BSD development inspite of the lack of any
> protective measures ? or are you in agreement that in spite of the lack of
> protection, open source can still flourish ? could it be that it is not as
> fragile and thus doesnt need protection ?

You could say that because you drive so carefully you don't need seat
belts either. Why are you against the pragmatism of defence
> > They may have, but that just slows things down.
> so the notion that this will somehow destroy the commons is not there then,
> isn't it ?

We don't just want the commons to exist, we want it to be protected
against unfair exploitation. You don't need to agree to do this with
your software, but recognise that other people have different
requirements for software and think the GPL is a good thing to have.
> it is restrictive, so oddly the phrase "free" in free software is not
> really free in all contexts of freedom then. it's free in as much as it
> ensures that the source is always open, but not much in other contexts.

Wordplay :p

BTW, why are we even having this discussion. I'm cool with people who
prefer their work to be BSD licensed. I prefer the GPL myself. It's
all good.

-= Nur Hussein =-

P.S. ESR is a pompous windbag.

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