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Re: [ossig] Re: [myoss] "Open-source licensing: BSD is a better model" - article is NOT flawed

> You can if the license holder allows you to do so, ala dual licensing.

For all intents and purposes there is only one difference between the
GPL and the BSD license. The BSD license allows relicensed derived
works *by default* to anyone. The GPL does not do this by default, but
*you still can ask the copyright holder for permission to do so*.

If you use the GPL, it means you're picky about whom you choose to be
"charitable" with. Personally, I am NOT and NEVER will be charitable
with greedy self-serving stuck-up self-righteous
head-jammed-up-three-feet-up-the-arse "businessmen" whose only purpose
in their miserable retarded lives is to suck the blood and leech money
off society, overcharge for substandard shit they call "products",
rape, pillage and pollute the Earth, give nothing in return to the
community, have no social responsibility, stifle innovation, hoard and
monopolise and lock-in and victimise their customers, do not respect
consumer rights, lobby corrupt government officials for their own
nefarious purposes, and in general be a terrible nuisance.

Hence the GPL.

So there.

-= Nur Hussein =-

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