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[ossig] And now for something completely different...

...OK, maybe not quite. But wait, there's more!

Has anyone heard of and/or tried Symphony OS? When I
simply clicked on some screenshots I thought it was
one of the non-mainstream oses like Haiku, SkyOS etc.
And it had a .com home so I thought it was a
commercial OS.

However, on closer inspection, it turns out that it's
an open source Debian (knoppix, actually) based
distro. They have aspirations to form a foundation
similar to ubuntu. So what, you say? Debian distros
are as common as bugs on a week old beef patty.

The thing that actually made me look deeper, though,
is the GUI. It's not based on Gnome nor KDE.
Surprisingly, not even XFCE. The wm is strangely
enough, fvwm! But this ain't your granny's fvwm.

The OS GUI is taken from the mezzo desktop:

Further explained here:

IMHO, the gui is different enough from anything else
out there that it's actually interesting. For a
I'd have to try it for a couple of weeks before I can
really say if it's really any good, though.

Don't forget to check out the gecko-based orchestra
applets similar in concept to Gdesklets etc.

I hope that the integration of the whole OS (eg.
system configs) will be 90%+ if not total. That would
make a really compelling OS. Time will tell and I'll
surely be following this distro closely.

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