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[ossig] mythtv for astro

I intend to transform my old pc into a mythtv pvr box to better manage
my tv viewing time. Anyone working on similar project here in

There r a number of issues in getting it to work with astro
1. Getting a good encoder card
Looking at Hauppauge PVR250 (RM 399) or PVR150 (RM ???). PVR150 looks
like a good deal as it includes both remote and ir blaster but I have
yet to find it fully supported under linux.

2. Getting mythtv change channel on astro box automatically
The solution is to use an IR blaster to change channel on astro set
top box. But I have yet to find the correct IR code to use with astro
set top box. Would write up the IR transmit if could get the astro IR

3. Grabbing astro schedule
There are currently no xmltv grabber script for schedules on
astro.com.my. I have tested txvb which works great with astro.
Unfortunately tvxb is windows only and not open source. Thinking of
write up xmltv grabber script...

Any collaborater out there??

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