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Re: [ossig] FreeBSD's TCP/IP stack subpar?

> while this is a good attempt at baiting me, i kept the mandatory 24 hour 
> silence before responding, lest it evolve again into something else 
> altogether.

It wasn't an attempt to bait you, rather given the many representations
that have been made previously regarding FreeBSD's TCP/IP stack, the
quarterly report was a slight ... aberration. So yes, your feedback as
well as others who are versed in this matter would have been much
valued, as it always is.

> a tendency of misrepresentation. the statement above is implied for freebsd 
> 5.x, which did undergo a degradation of network performance due to the 
> removal of the GIANT kernel lock and the move towards more fine-grained 
> locks. as a result of this, lock overhead for packet processing increased 
> by a factor of 2-3, depending on the situation and firewall/nat usage. 
> however, this is being fixed for freebsd 6.x as the 5.x branch is a 
> shortlived transition between 4.x and 6.x.

Ah, this is a good explanation, exactly what I was hoping for.

> 4.x however still maintains the best tcp/ip and networking stack on the 
> planet, by many orders of magnitude over anything else out there. from the 
> words of robert watson,

Is there a canonical link for this?


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