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Re: [ossig] Re: Novell's Open Source Developers Conference.

BIGrat wrote:

>     just want to find out if there're any of you guys going?  the reason
>     i'm asking is that if the turnout isnt all that great, novell may
>     not organize another one next year.  the conference is free and the
>     bulk of the cost is borned by novell.
>     let me hv some feedback:
>     1. as to whether the topics are suitable.

I'd say so.
2 sen

>     tks for reading and no, i dont work for novell and neither am i
>     getting any rm for this.  i've more or less retired from this
>     business :)

appreciate your efforts and so do I appreciate Novell's efforts !
Thank You !

In my case, it is simply an overwhelming number of invitations and stuff 
coming up; I could go to 2 - 3 occasions weekly.
'Saturation' is probably the right word. Plus, I am in academia and it 
seems OpenSource *has* advanced a few steps: instead of install-ins we 
see more and more 'professional' and vendor-related things; which is 
good; though not too relevant for academia.
It is not only a digital divide in this country (and elsewhere); there 
is also an OpenSource divide: some are getting ever deeper into it; 
while others cling to proprietary like a ship-wrecked to a wooden beacon.

Look at the frustrating story on the main web-hosting box I run in 
Uniten ! Though academia, we have

1 	213888 	45.75% 	MSIE 6.0
2 	88753 	18.99% 	MSIE 6.0 (SV1)
3 	32873 	7.03% 	MSIE 6.0 (Windows NT 5.1)
4 	25425 	5.44% 	MSIE 6.0 (Windows NT 5.0)
5 	21022 	4.50% 	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows)
6 	8044 	1.72% 	msnbot/1.0 (+http://search.msn.com/msnbot.htm)
7 	7047 	1.51% 	Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/5.1.2600
8 	6469 	1.38% 	UbiCrawler/v0.4beta
9 	4541 	0.97% 	Googlebot/2.1
10 	3511 	0.75% 	Microsoft Data Access Internet Publishing
11 	2621 	0.56% 	MS FrontPage 4.0)" (MS FrontPage 4.0)
12 	2605 	0.56% 	MSFrontPage/4.0
13 	2594 	0.55% 	Microsoft Data Access Internet Publishing
14 	2583 	0.55% 	MSIE 5.01 (Windows NT 5.0)
15 	2557 	0.55% 	Yahoo! Slurp

in the hit-list. Now guess, what 'we' teach and use !

The gap of opportunities (as offered in Novell's seminar) and reality 

Another 2 sen; the highway tariffs are going up as well,


"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who 
cannot read them." - Mark Twain

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