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Re: [ossig] Huawei 3G Data card

On Thursday 01 September 2005 11:36, Chong Tsewai wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if Huawei 3G Data card can run on linux  ?  A client
> wants a linux desktop bridge/firewall/gateway. no streamyx there, only
> celcom 3G. Huawei E600 is the recommended card. there is linux support
> for the Maxis Merlin 3G card. I think the data card is locked to maxis
> and won't be able to use for celcom.  nothing on google for the huawei
> card.

I may be talking out of my arse here, but I think it should work. It's a 
PCMCIA card and will identify itself as  a modem. It's more or less a 
hardware modem that does UMTS/GPRS so you just use it in the same way that 
you use a mobile phone to do "dial-up". *99***1# should work.

Having said that, I'd recommend taking a laptop over to the shop and inserting 
the card there and then to see.

Most modern linux distros would then bind /dev/ttyS0 to the card so you can 
then talk to it, just like any other serial device. Minicom can be your 
friend there.


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