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Re: [ossig] TechEd: Microsoft to clone open source

On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 14:11 +1000, Colin Charles wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 11:47 +0800, Nur Hussein wrote:
> > Ah, Microsoft. Always reinventing the wheel and calling it
> > "innovation". Of course the rabid, drooling Microsoft fanbois will
> > start barking about how "open source is copying Microsoft" and assume
> > M$ invented it first. That's always how it goes.

> Also, while they may not have "innovated" the massive idea behind rsync,
> they might be "innovating" the usable front end. Look at Linux today -
> we have had rsync for ages. Do we have a /usable/ backup tool that makes
> use of it ? Not quite (don't tell me about Unison, RsyncX, etc. because
> they're not well integrated and usable...) Again, another Google SoC
> project for rsync-able backups, both for Ubuntu and Fedora have
> surmounted - usable front-ends that have rsync as a backend

GNU/Linux has always been about the CLI, that's why I love it so much.
It's something I'm confortable with. Yes, but there are multitude of
others who don't share the same sentiments. 

Even right now, the best Downloading tool would be wget but AFAIK,
there's no good front end for it.

Remember the Japanese, They always have a flair with doing packaging.
Even though the item is/may be totally crap, but one would buy it due to
the packaging itself! Now, that's totally selling an eskimo a freezer!

2 cents

Ow Mun Heng
Gentoo/Linux on DELL D600 1.4Ghz 1.5GB RAM
98% Microsoft(tm) Free!! 
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