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Re: [ossig] [myoss] Software Freedom Day. - Need a Venue.

BIGrat wrote:

>well, arent these the "market" we' targeting as well?  to educate them
>that there is a legal alternative; besides having a table on the
>appropriate floor ensures that most of the people we talk to are IT
>literate reducing the need to explain the nitty gritty of software
it is about education. no problem if target group is not IT literate. In
fact, they might be easier to be converted :)

i pretty Mid Valley, since last i visited it was the only place with
real crowd.

>imagine talking to someone in mid valley or 1utama who have absolutely
>no knowledge AND INTEREST in IT ;-); heck, we might even meet gals
>whose primary interest is  softwear. ;-)
oh, i don't mind teaching them on software with softwear hour after
hour.... :)


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