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Re: [ossig] Other open source projects

I've been on this mailing list for a few months now, seems to me to be
mostly a linux mailing list.

Not sure what you mean by "linux". Do you mean linux-kernel? Because there's hardly any discussion on that. As for userspace applications, I think the discussion here isn't really Linux-centric, or even GNU-centric.
Are there other discussions going on for
other open source projects?

Other besides what? "Linux" is pretty vague. The userspace apps of significance that run on GNU/Linux usually run on the BSDs, and some even Windows such as OO.o and Firefox. Lots of discussion on all of it here.

Are there any open source projects by
Malaysians, or any discussion on open initiatives in Malaysia?

There are, but not enough. If you have an open source project, feel free to talk about it here.
Encouraging more people to adopt open source, or encouraging more
developers to release to open source? Or even discussion on open source

I think that's the general idea around here :)

Just wanted to see if there are other discussions other than linux in
this list.
Well, I should think so.

Are some of these your projects? We have a list of Malaysian OSS projects, and if there's something that's not there, it can added.

-= Nur Hussein =-