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Re: [ossig] Other open source projects

Guilty as charged ;)

Nur Hussein wrote:
Ah, no wonder gandalf.sourceforge.net was taken! :)

-= Nur Hussein =-

On 9/5/05, Chang Sau Sheong <cssheong@pacific.net.sg> wrote:
This looks interesting!

Can you add me to the list of oss contributors pls ...

I have 2 projects i put in open source:

Gandalf  - a Java wizard framework (http://gandalf.sourceforge.net) -- this is not active today
Jaccal - a Java-based smart card access layer (http://jaccal.sourceforge.net) -- this is quite active

I also do some research on open source licences.

Ditesh wrote:
I've been on this mailing list for a few months now, seems to me to be 
mostly a linux mailing list. Are there other discussions going on for 

There are quite a number of initiatives locally besides pure software
development work, including the magazine [
mag.my-opensource.org], the
meetups [myoss.iosn.net], blogs/irc [
myoss.bytebot.net], and other
community driven events [upcoming sfd, for example].

Get involved! Quickest way would be via the mailing list and the IRC
channel (
irc.freenode.net, #myoss).


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