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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Software Freedom Day. - Need a Venue.

> In the meantime, I was reading what our friends in .sg are doing, there
> donning a Penguin Suit (i'm not sure if they're just kidding with this
> or..) 

hmmm.... and we can get dinesh to dress up as chucky ;-) ....
now that would get the necessary ATTENTION ......

> I hear that they've gotten the OK from the local Police ppl to do this.
> What is the possibility of doing something like this in say... the
> Golden Triangle?

somehow i'm pretty pessimistic about our local mata-mata.  it p'bly
take them umteen years to understand what we plan to do.
> Actually, I have no idea where / what you want these numbers. (perhaps I
> don't understand the question fully)

numbers refer to the $/RM we need the sponsor to pay.  they need a
figure to give to their accountants.


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