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Re: [ossig] Other open source projects

Open source developers do something using their spare
time. So they choose to do what they wanted to do.
They stop to do so when they are not happy with it. We
shouldn't question them at all, this is their
'freedom'. Instead, we should respect them as they
provide a gift to the world. If one thinks that he can
do a better job according to his philosophy, again, he
has 'freedom' to start his own project, be it open
source or commercial. I don't believe 'absolute
freedom' even GNU/Linux, Python, PHP, etc. There is
still an invisible hand behind... ... People is always
trapped by this invisible hand, be it in software
world or political world.

There is for sure some reasons why a lot of good
programmers from all over the world put enormous
effort into Java related open source projects. Those
people are not stupid, they are well educated & has
independent thinking, they know what they are doing...

Programmers are just normal human beings. They are not
gods, they need to eat, they need to survive. If one
is really good in Java, the WORLD market guaranteeds
that he can get a very well paid job. He stands out of
others. He can choose to work in many countries. In
fact, not many profession has this luxury.

Thus, if an open source programmer choose to do Java,
not only he can present his gift to the world, he also
ensures he got a well paid job, to take care himself,
his parents, his girlfriend(s), his family, his
friends (beers?? pizzas?? movie tickets??), the
society, and the country (more tax !!).

--- Khairil Yusof <kaeru@pd.jaring.my> wrote:

> On Mon, 2005-09-05 at 02:29 +0800, Chang Sau Sheong
> wrote:
> > I'm more of a Java guy, dealing with
> applications-level software.
> Java is non-free. :)
> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/java-trap.html
> If you want to develop free/open source
> applications, please use a free
> (as in freedom) language and framework such as
> python.


Kelvin Yap (kelvin@t2computing.com)
Software Architect

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