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RE: [ossig] Other open source projects

On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 18:09 +0800, Nicholas Adrian Suppiah wrote:
> At the present trend, Java based open projects may still be ok. If Sun
> Microsystems (SM) started to charge for their J2RE, developers may shift
> to free MS .NET environment. 

Haha. "free MS .NET environment"

/me lights the crackpipe again

> Notice I didn't mention python. I don't meet people developing on it at
> the moment :o(

Narrow view you have, as Malaysians have no big love for Python it seems

Take a trip to your average bookstore (my sampling uses MPH MadValley,
Kinokuniya KLCC, MPH 1Utama) and see how many books are out there. Java
has whole shelves, whereas its hard to even find a Python book. Dream on
looking for something on Ruby, k?

Yes, books are not a good yardstick for the real techy crowd (I
personally don't buy them, in lieu of getting a tonne of "review copy"
crap for free). But they show what majority use/learn

Going further, how many universities (colleges, etc... places where nuts
go to come out with IT degrees) teach Python in Malaysia? Going on a
limb here, I think its zero. How many teach Java? I think many (as a
replacement to C, which is a bad move). How many teach VB? Probably all
the non-unis (again, a bad move)

Whoops, I digressed into the education system again. Scratch that last
rant, sorry, we've discussed this far too many times to come to similar

Back to the topic. Python seems to have taken off elsewhere. A lot.
Companies build businesses on it. Think Plone/Zope, and the new upcoming
Django. Actually, I think there exists a Malaysian company that has
built its business on Plone/Zope (but I could be wrong)
Colin Charles, http://www.bytebot.net/

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