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Re: [ossig] Other open source projects

Chang Sau Sheong wrote:
> I hate to say this, but this can be said of any free/open software in 
> the market today. Even if Sun's Java implementation is declared  
> licensed under GPL today, tomorrow if Sun decides to pull Java off GPL, 
> they can do it. Nothing to stop them, since they are the copyright 
> owners.

I hope I had been clear about this.
No, they cannot. That's the same jurisdiction that applies if you hand 
down S$ 100 to someone today without strings attached; and tomorrow you 
decide otherwise. You can't sell your flat tomorrow, with strings 
attached ('Sales & Purchase Agreement'), while the day thereafter you 
prefer to move back and get the new owner evicted.
If Java stands at 1.5.0 today, tomorrow they can licence it at GPL at 
1.5.1 (I do hope they do !!), and the day after they re-licence it 
(CDDL) as 1.5.2; being ten times faster; with a default GUI.
Fine, I can't do anything with or about the 1.5.2 with GUI and ten times 
faster, but the 1.5.1 remains necessarily under GPL. So I can work on 
it, and redistribute it as I so wish.

Hoping to clear out more confusion here,


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