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Re: [ossig] Other open source projects

Chang Sau Sheong wrote:
> I hate to say this, but this can be said of any free/open software in 
> the market today. Even if Sun's Java implementation is declared  
> licensed under GPL today, tomorrow if Sun decides to pull Java off GPL, 
> they can do it. Nothing to stop them, since they are the copyright 
> owners. There are estoppel issues of course, and you can sue them in 
> court but that's not the point, right?

There is a somewhat funny real world case, one that many of us take 
advantage from:
The Microsoft font collection (the one and only thing they ever did 
absolutely properly, IMHO) had been available to download for years. 
then they pulled it off. (Sorry, here currently I don't have the desire 
  to roam around to get everything correctly cited and so on. If needed, 
it can be done.)
Whatever, in the original licence agreement there had been something 
like coupling the usage to the extraction as or with .cab archives. So, 
the world of free software wrote the un-cab, and can still use the fonts 
as of today.
Correct me with the details; it's a few years already; but I am sure I 
got the *concept* correct here. So, by adhering to the *original* terms, 
we can still use these fonts. And even the Great Empire has no chance to 
retroactively change the terms.


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