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Re: [ossig] Other open source projects

The copyright holder has all the rights to his own property. If he decides to revoke the licence to his property, he has the right to, even retrospectively. Of course, the code would be out there, but you will not have a licence to copy, modify, redistribute or do anything that copyright allowed you to previously.

If you have committed code to Java before that you will be the copyright owner of whatever you wrote (unless you have signed some contracts tat says watever u write will be assigned to ur employers). You can do watever u want with ur code, if Sun wants to include ur code, and u insist ur code is under GPL, then they will have make Java GPL or stop using ur code.

And vice versa, if you are using Java even if it's GPL, if Sun decides to stop licensing it as GPL and wants you to pay $$$ to them, you can't stop them.

I din really go into the fonts, thing it sounds so silly I didn't look into it. But even if it's true, GPL is not tat powerful. Just stop using tat font and your document won't be GPL.

Colin Charles wrote:
On Fri, 2005-09-09 at 10:20 +0800, Chang Sau Sheong wrote:
I hate to say this, but this can be said of any free/open software in
the market today. Even if Sun's Java implementation is declared
licensed under GPL today, tomorrow if Sun decides to pull Java off
GPL, they can do it. Nothing to stop them, since they are the
copyright owners. There are estoppel issues of course, and you can sue
them in court but that's not the point, right?
There are also more complex issues that what is stated here actually.

If Sun's Java is licensed under the GPL tomorrow (10-09-2005), and then
by a quirk they decide on Monday to pull it off the GPL (12-09-2005) and
make it some weird license (i.e. what it is today), only further
derivatives of whats made after the 12th can be under said license

AFAIK, code committed up till the 11th will always remain GPLed. And the
source to the JVM/JRE/SDK will always be around, no matter what. Even if
its a dead branch

You meant that bit abt using GPL fonts making the document GPL as a
joke right ? :) I'm just afraid someone might think it's true.

The GPL is a horrible license for fonts (even with the font exception).
As it is for documents (thats why the FSF have the FDL).