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[ossig] Software Freedom Day 2005

Software Freedom Day 2005
With the rise of Free and Open Source Software, comes Software Freedom
Day.  We hope to educate the public and demonstrate to them the many
uses of Free and Open Source Software.  I am regretful for the short
time about informing you people about this event.

Low Yat
MTEC ( Third Floor )
Booth 3-IT-39

September 10th 2005, 12-6pm

We need your help! If you would like to help, please reply back to
this thread, or contact me at 017-6908783 .

The following items are needed and more maybe:
Router + Cables ( or bring your own )
Live CDs ( pending )
Fliers ( hand out or design one )
Penguin Dolls 
Laptop Locks
MyOSS Magazine ( Browsing Copies )
BSA Flyers/Posters

See more at: http://maitri.ubuntu.com/softwarefreedomday/wiki/index.php/Malaysia

aizatto - sleep, to the power of z -_-;;^zzz

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