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RE: [ossig] Other open source projects

On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 18:09 +0800, Nicholas Adrian Suppiah wrote:
> At the present trend, Java based open projects may still be ok. If Sun
> Microsystems (SM) started to charge for their J2RE, developers may shift
> to free MS .NET environment. 

And the cost of that for a large mature system is? That is the cost of
vendor/proprietary lock-in. If one is aware of that now as all of us are
now aware of FOSS, one should develop on a completely free platform be
in php, python, mono, ruby, c, c++ and using free frameworks/libs on a
free operating system to avoid vendor/proprietary lock-in.

Proprietary frameworks are not good base to develop on also. 

Michael Tiemann of RH gave some good point on possible reason why:

People tend to work around bugs/problems in proprietary software instead
of fixing them. This results in bad (unnatural) software being written,
workaround on workaround on workaround. Resulting in monumental failures
of large software projects. To avoid fires, I won't mention what
platform those were written on, though our friend Ditesh here has seen a
few already.

Whereas in FOSS, people either fix the bugs locally (and submit them
upstream/or not) and continue developing their software the right way,
without workarounds.

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