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Re: [ossig] Huawei 3G Data card

Tried Huawei 3G data card.  it is detected as a usb device. I did not
know what to do as there was no reference . I have the output from 
/proc/usb/devices if anyone wants to try.

Anyway, i managed to get Celcom 3G to work on the Novatel wireless 3G
data card (supplied by maxis). No encumberance there.  Got some help
from the net for that.  I was borrowing the huawei card, could not try
more stuff. I won't be pursuing the huawei card since it works on maxis
3g card.


Chong Tsewai wrote:

>Does anyone know if Huawei 3G Data card can run on linux  ?  A client
>wants a linux desktop bridge/firewall/gateway. no streamyx there, only
>celcom 3G. Huawei E600 is the recommended card. there is linux support
>for the Maxis Merlin 3G card. I think the data card is locked to maxis
>and won't be able to use for celcom.  nothing on google for the huawei card.
>any info is appreciated.

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