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[ossig] a "must read" article from businessweek re microsoft!


"...And they're feeling trapped in an organization whose past
successes seem to stifle current creativity. "There's a distinct lack
of passion," says one engineer, who would talk only on condition of

"... It's the company's ability to respond to these challenges that
current and former employees fear is being compromised by Microsoft's
internal troubles. They're concerned that Ballmer and Gates aren't
taking seriously enough the issues of morale and culture."

"...But since Ballmer took the helm, Microsoft has slipped the other
way. The stock price has dropped over 40% during his tenure, and the
company, whose revenue grew at an average annual clip of 36% through
the 1990s, rose just 8% in the fiscal year that ended on June 30.
That's good for a company of Microsoft's size, but it is the first
time the software giant has had single-digit growth. "

there's more in the article.   let me know if you guys dont want to
subscribe (free) to bizweek; i can cut and paste  the entire article
if that's what u want.

as i am not subscribed to myoss can someone fwd the mail?


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