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Re: [ossig] Revaluing Deployment of Open Source Software

On Thursday 22 September 2005 19:04, Ditesh wrote:

> KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- The government's policy of open
> source software (OSS) preference that excludes commercial software from
> consideration may also exclude 85 percent of the information technology
> (IT) channel business activity, according to a report.

Specious, misleading, mischievous and fallacious. The Government of Malaysia 
do not have an OSS preference policy that excludes commercial software from 
consideration. It doesn't even have a preference policy that excludes 
proprietary software.

> Speaking to reporters concerning the views of software company Microsoft
> and industry associations on the government's OSS masterplan, Lee said
> such an effort was crucial nowadays to avoid the possibility of losing
> money.

Once, just once, I'd like someone else other than Microsoft be mentioned in 
opposition to OSS. You know, say Oracle or SAP, or IBM, or CA, BEA, Sun, 
Dell, TrendMicro, MYOB, whatever. Heck, Electronic Arts, even. Or some local 
guys. I don't care who, but I'd like to see another company use the "industry 
associations" to protest OSS. This "Initiative for Software Choice" people. 
Who are you? Can someone else apart from the CompTIA guy and Microsoft stand 
up and be counted please. Same with the BSA guys. Who are you? Stand up 

Member's of PIKOM, who are you? Other than Mr. Lee and Microsoft, can someone 
else from Pikom stand up and say that you have a major problem with this OSS 
thing? Can you please join the choir in saying that the white paper you sent 
should be deprecated and that OSS is not a good idea?

Once, I tell you, just once I'd like to have something other than Microsoft 
rattling cages. Otherwise, people will keep thinking that the OSS community  
are targetting Microsoft, which we definitely are not! 

I'd like to have a press release from Pikom that states something like:

"Our members, which include Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Oracle, Novell, etc., thinks 
that OSS is a threat to the ICT industry. The government should stop this 
funny business and return to status quo. We won't make money otherwise.

We the undersigned,

Members of PIKOM (The whole bloody lot of us, including IBM, Novell, Sun, 
Oracle, etc., except the Low Yat Collective because they got their own PC 
Fair now)"

Then, at least we'd know that we don't have to bother. At least we'd know that 
the other guys are also on the ball with this stance. At least we'd know that 
all the other things that the other companies have been doing in support of 
OSS are just attempts to beguile us before giving us the whammy.

So come on! Show some gonads and stand up.


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