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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program On Their Own Time

Nur Hussein wrote:
> With respect to this FUD article:
> http://www.bcs.org/BCS/Products/publishing/itnow/OnlineArchive/sep05/itnowextra/memberview.htm
> It's got a lot of idiotic crap in it, so I won't comment on most of it. 
> However one thing did attract my attention:

Did you spend this morning in Shah Alam ?
I did, and saw a lot of shoulder-rubbing and heard crap about similar 
topics. (Mampu Dialogue with Industry and ICT Community)

IMHHO, it is even wrong to *discuss* the topic you mentioned; why: the 
'other side' starts to feel the pain and gets their lackeys to try to 
diffuse us with fog, FUD and vapor. So instead of contributing, we 
discuss if and how FUD is fog.
Which it is in any case. But for a good hand-out, many let themselves 
being bought into this business. Those throwing chairs across offices 
are fewer. But the idea is the same: get the perceived adversary into 
another discussion: into a posture of defence, an unnecessary posture.

Yes, the other side (they see themselves on the other side, I don't) 
sees their ground slowly slipping and start to counter-attack, embrace 
and conquer, fogging.
Hijacking. This morning during the discussion I was offended by a bunch 
of people. I am a bit dumb, but still, I don't need a message of three 
sentences being blown at me for half an hour, in a loop-like repetition. 
We wanted to discuss aspects of FOSS in the public sector, but we 
couldn't, since some blokes thought of doing what they perceived a 
service to their profession: hijacking the discussion and hammering into 
our minds those three-liners of their specific concern.
Proprietary software providers who felt strongly that their case and 
their economic situation warranted a preferential treatment by the 
government to keep their businesses afloat. No, nothing sensitive here. 
Nothing on NEP or NDP. Rather proprietary software people who felt 
threatened by losing the monopoly of offering their goods and services.
The climax was the statement that is was wrong to prescribe the material 
from which the twin-towers had to be built.
A smell of despair. I'd rather encourage those people to reconsider 
their business models. Dinesh and Hong Yee tried, but they didn't want 
to listen.


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