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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program On Their Own Time

the point was not to get them to listen, for they are on the choir for
their church, but rather to get the ambivalent to listen. on that count i
think the message was passed thru quite well.

Indeed. The Microsoftie crowd just *loves* pointing out that anyone who speaks in favour or openness and software commons is labelled an "OSS zealot", but we need to remember there are zealots on the other side of the fence too. I like to call them "Microsoft Apologists" (actually I have a couple of rather unflattering names for them, but I like to keep things PG). I have a 3-part analysis of how Microsoft apologists think, and I'll post it to the list, if only to cheer up poor Uwe.

-= Nur Hussein =-