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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program On Their Own Time

Nur Hussein wrote:

> I have a 3-part analysis of how Microsoft apologists think, 
> and I'll post it to the list, if only to cheer up poor Uwe.

Ah, you ought to have been there ! - To me the astonishing item was that 
the Microsoft people were the shoulder-rubbers; quite nice, not 
apologetic, rather trying to initiate a talk. Those who got on my nerves 
were different.
No, the Microsoft chaps were not apologetic, not the known and usual 
arrogance, just the opposite. One of them could swallow his pride when I 
- rude as always - rebuffed his kind suggestion to look into a certain 
of their products, with "I would never look into a Microsoft product". 
True. He noticed it wasn't evangelism, even. I explained to him that 
whatever I ever needed I found it in the world of Free Software; and 
that therefore I simply didn't feel the need. He continued, I think he 
seriously wanted to make contact. I really pitied him. He tried hard, 
that Microsoft now saw the need to move to the center; even started to 
open the sources, for the time being to the government and research. 
Serious, I pitied him. There was nothing he could do for me, and he 
noticed. This is a wake-up shock; and I bet quite a few have this these 
days: Even if you gave your proprietary product for free; if he gave me 
the OS to run the proposed application; a legal licence, for free; I 
would have declined. I simply have no need. Over. It must be a scary 
experience if a salesperson gets more of these impressions: we don't 
talk money, we don't talk value, we don't talk 'solution', we don't 
warranty. Even for F.O.C. the client doesn't want. And not for political 
or ethical reasons, the potential client simply sees no single need or 
reason to carry home something given for free.
This is the beginning of the end. Poor chap !

Thanks for trying to cheer me up !


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