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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program On Their Own Time

Nur Hussein wrote:

> What was the 3 liner?

Though packaged in various flavours:
1. Software architecture is highly delicate stuff
2. Software architecture needs to be protected from being open-sourced
3. Software architecture as IP is the core value of our shares
(Does government tenders require us to open-source ?)

Maybe this is even right, I dunno. But we didn't have the productive 
brainstorming session that I had hoped for, but the mantra. Hong Yee 
brought a good example from the chemical industry; plus 'branding'; 
Dinesh offered some insight into 'what makes the stock market of a 
company' (or so; I am zero business person); but the mantra kept 
rolling. That made me furious. Molly had started on healthcare (the 
topic *was* 'public sector' !); I was anxious to get us going in 
education. To no avail. At least, I would have liked to bring home added 
knowledge on that aspect; Malaysian Software Architecture. But alas, no 
chance. Instead of at least a productive discussion on the intimacy of 
software architecture and its possible flourishing in FOSS, branding, 
services, business models we had a hijack, sorry to say. No single drop 
of blame on MAMPU. I think they were just as surprised.

2 sen,


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