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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program On Their Own Time

Though packaged in various flavours:
1. Software architecture is highly delicate stuff
2. Software architecture needs to be protected from being open-sourced
3. Software architecture as IP is the core value of our shares
(Does government tenders require us to open-source ?)

Maybe this is even right, I dunno.

It isn't right. There are a group of people from the proprietary software sector who are pompous enough to repeatedly use insipid terms like "software architecture". OSS has its own "software architects" too, though they never call themselves that. Linus Torvalds is one, and he's a damn good one too. There are others too, talented engineers with few peers. Yet, the Linux kernel is completely open, incredibly successful, and has generated tons of revenue for IBM, Redhat, Novell... the list goes on. It all sounds very much like bullshit[1].

-= Nur Hussein =-

[1] Frankfurt, H., "On Bullshit", Princeton University Press, 2005.