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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

Nur Hussein wrote:

>     I didn't think so, either. But I was willing to accept their point of
>     view as being their concern, and maybe even more.
>     I was angry at their resolve to hammer it to the audience instead of
>     entering into a discusion and listen to arguments.
>     The bad will was exposed by the contributor comparing the topic
>     with the
>     twin-towers:
> Ah, the old "false analogy" trick. If you try and point it out, and if 
> they are cornered in a debate, they'll resort to another fallacy, "ad 
> hominem". I wonder if it got that far.
> Uwe, who were these fellows? Did you catch their names? We can 
> investigate their affiliations, and I'm suspecting a trail will lead 
> back to the land of Redmond where the shadows lie.
> -= Nur Hussein =-

Apologies the send button was accidently hit earlier....
They are from the Independent Software Architect Council Malaysia 
(ISAC-M) I believe it's an MNCC special interest group.

It's obvious they didn't know that they are illogical in presenting 
their wood and steel analogy. Though  MAMPU is to be congratulated 
having initiated this "dialogue" (that's what the session was billed as) 
the opportunity for the floor to speak amount to less than an hour of 
the 9-12 session. Of course there was a lot of opportunity to "rub 
shoulders" and eat outside the room. :) There wasn't enough time for 
rebuttal or to "educate" these guys.Perhaps the session wasn't meant to 
do that.

The PIKOM guy sounded really pathetic. The industry wants to dictate 
Government policies rather than adapt how they do business to comply 
with Govt policies. Looks like the IT vendors can't even innovate their 
business models to suit user requirements - in this case the biggest 
customer, the Govt who now wants to see if the steel they say is there 
is not clay wrapped by steel; rather than dictating that it should be wood.


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