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[ossig] Commonwealth of Massachusetts Goes With Open Document


"The bottom line is this: whose documents are they? Do the people of
Massachusetts have the right to control their own documents? Does a
governmental agency have the right to decide what software it wishes to
use, particularly if it believes it can save money? If it does, then all
the hue and cry is pointless. And the real issue, as Kriss pointed out,
is the issue of sovereignty, and the very important issues of access and
control not only now but also in the distant future."

I'm really disgusted right now at the arrogance of certain companies
that seem to believe that they are in charge of your policies
(individual or organisation) and apply strong arm tactics and
lobbying/implied threats to get what they want.

It's very clear now who is really for "open" standards and who is not
and who does not respect sovereignty.

With regards to PIKOM's comments, in my letter I will be sure to state,
that as a Malaysian citizen, I am disgusted that a foreign company
(through a national body sadly) can chose to disrespect our nations
sovereignty, it's policies and it's choices.

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