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[ossig] Mampu Dialogue with Industry and ICT Community)

I'm top posting this under another thread as it's very important in
light of recent events.

Uwe Dipple said:

>     Though packaged in various flavours:
>     1. Software architecture is highly delicate stuff
>     2. Software architecture needs to be protected from being
>     3. Software architecture as IP is the core value of our shares
>     (Does government tenders require us to open-source ?)

Hussein wrote:
>Uwe, who were these fellows? Did you catch their names? We can
>investigate their affiliations, and I'm suspecting a trail will lead
>back to the land of Redmond where the shadows lie.

Yes.. the arguments are all the same from the common ones we hear
through around BSA, MS, Comptia, Institute for Software Choice(!!). It
would be very troubling for Malaysian ICT industry to have Pikom in that
group also.

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