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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

Molly Cheah wrote:

> Though  MAMPU is to be congratulated 
> having initiated this "dialogue" (that's what the session was billed as) 
> the opportunity for the floor to speak amount to less than an hour of 
> the 9-12 session.

This is why I am anxious to get to a feedback form as promised. Can 
anyone point me to a link ? Yusseri intended to have them sent out 'by 
today' (that is, Yesterday).

> There wasn't enough time for 
> rebuttal or to "educate" these guys.Perhaps the session wasn't meant to 
> do that.

Sure it wasn't. But MAMPU shot themselves in the foot by shortening the 
core, that is 'exchange' ever more throughout the planning. When I got 
the original invitation, 90 minutes were foreseen. In the end, Yusseri 
opened the floor at 11.10 and MAMPU tried to close it around 11.55.
For the rest, we've seen the same slides that we always see and hear; 
the same 'plan, masterplan, endorse, review, authorities, implement, 

I am still full of desire to hear and see and listen to an *exchange* on 
how to approach the next steps (IDA); in all areas of the public sector. 
Therefore I applaud the underlying idea of that forum.
So, where's the feedback form ??


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