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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

> Sure it wasn't. But MAMPU shot themselves in the foot by shortening 
> the core, that is 'exchange' ever more throughout the planning. When I 
> got the original invitation, 90 minutes were foreseen. In the end, 
> Yusseri opened the floor at 11.10 and MAMPU tried to close it around 
> 11.55.
> For the rest, we've seen the same slides that we always see and hear; 
> the same 'plan, masterplan, endorse, review, authorities, implement, 
> success'.

Similarly, to save other people from hearing the same "concerns" and 
"complaints", perhaps a list of these be circulated (with responses if 
they had been addressed) before the dialogue starts and strictly prevent 
people from bringing up the same thing... I have a feeling that the same 
things are brought up so that there is no time to address the issues 
that matter to bring the agenda forward. For example, I thought it would 
have been good opportunity to ask the industry their views on my 
suggestion that MAMPU include into their Master Plan and Strategy an 
ethical practice guidelines for the industry not to distribute free 
copies of proprietary software to schools, universities etc. (similar to 
the MOH guidelines to the milk industry not to distribute samples to 
doctors and post-natal mothers because the MOH agenda is to promote 
breast feeding.)


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