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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

> Sure it wasn't. But MAMPU shot themselves in the foot by shortening the 
> core, that is 'exchange' ever more throughout the planning. When I got 
> the original invitation, 90 minutes were foreseen. In the end, Yusseri 
> opened the floor at 11.10 and MAMPU tried to close it around 11.55.

What I'm interested in is the community participation since it was very
clearly stated that the objective of the dialogue, in part, was "To
present the Public Sector's OSS Master Plan to interested members of the
private sector and the OSS community."

So how many members of the community besides Dinesh, Uwe, Hong Yee were
invited and how many turned up?

If Hong Yee, Uwe, Dinesh were the only folk invited from the community,
it doesn't send a good message of trying to involve the community. And
conversely, if folk were invited but didn't turn up, that sends a worse

So Yusseri, how many were invited and how many turned up?


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