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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

Ditesh wrote:

>>Sure it wasn't. But MAMPU shot themselves in the foot by shortening the 
>>core, that is 'exchange' ever more throughout the planning. When I got 
>>the original invitation, 90 minutes were foreseen. In the end, Yusseri 
>>opened the floor at 11.10 and MAMPU tried to close it around 11.55.
>What I'm interested in is the community participation since it was very
>clearly stated that the objective of the dialogue, in part, was "To
>present the Public Sector's OSS Master Plan to interested members of the
>private sector and the OSS community."
The documents say ...private sector and the ICT community. I sympathise 
with MAMPU if they have to come up with an exhaustive list of who make 
up the OSS community. I was invited under pcdom -  a doctors' community 
dabbling with ICT which include open source software :)

>So how many members of the community besides Dinesh, Uwe, Hong Yee were
>invited and how many turned up?
>If Hong Yee, Uwe, Dinesh were the only folk invited from the community,
>it doesn't send a good message of trying to involve the community. And
>conversely, if folk were invited but didn't turn up, that sends a worse
Does it matter? It's not a competition....

>So Yusseri, how many were invited and how many turned up?
Ditesh, that may be a strategy secret! :)

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