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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

On 09/24/05 09:53 Molly Cheah said the following:
> the opportunity for the floor to speak amount to less than an hour of 
> the 9-12 session. Of course there was a lot of opportunity to "rub 
> shoulders" and eat outside the room. :) There wasn't enough time for 

usually, it's during the tea breaks when the real work gets done, not 
during the dialogue. :)

from mampu's perspective, i read the dialogue as trying to achieve a 
framework for future collaboration between the government and the industry. 
this goal was obviously hijacked by the anti-OSS bashing as well as the 
whinging about being locked out of contracts. this detracted from the goal 
of the dialogue and i wont be surprised if mampu does not take too kindly 
to what happenned during the event.

from my perspective, i've long whinged that wrong spec'ed tenders 
specifying product instead of standards has hampered us and has been biased 
against us. i take it very well that now the other side is whinging about 
the very same thing, for it indicates a victory of sorts for the OSS crowd.

this however does not mean that the war is won, just a beachhead battle.

> The PIKOM guy sounded really pathetic. The industry wants to dictate 
> Government policies rather than adapt how they do business to comply 

heh, at the very least, i held my own against that politician.

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