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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

On 09/24/05 13:16 jason chong said the following:
> Sometimes I wonder who these people think they are, appoint themselves 
> as the beacon of light for local Software Architects and trying to be of 
> 'neutral' entity.
> They're nothing more than pro-MS entities.
> Independent my foot, they sure as heck don't represent me and they have 
> no right to self-appoint themselves to represent Malaysian Software 
> architects/software engineers.
> What a shameless bunch of megalomaniacs.

with all due respect, and i'm not singling out jason here either, it is 
posts likes these which are non-productive and are responsible for the 
state of OSS within malaysia.

perhaps if we cut down on the whinging and MS-bashing and instead focussed 
our energies towards addressing the gaps in OSS in malaysia, we could at 
least progress as a community and at the same time further the cause we all 
believe in. molly has pointed out the lack of proper OSS support in the 
country and to an extent, she is right. while activities like LPI 
certification go a long way towards debunking this myth, there still needs 
to be a cohesive plan for correcting the current inadequacies which are 
barriers to a wider OSS deployment push.

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