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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

On 09/24/05 12:54 Ditesh said the following:
> If Hong Yee, Uwe, Dinesh were the only folk invited from the community,
> it doesn't send a good message of trying to involve the community. And
> conversely, if folk were invited but didn't turn up, that sends a worse
> message!

actually, yusseri posted the invites and request to register to participate 
a month or so back. that only the people mentioned bothered to sign up and 
turn up on friday speaks more of the community than of yusseri or mampu's 
intent in this regard. it speaks of the apathy of this community.

i've long said that it is time the community got off their high horses, 
stopped preaching to the choir and got out there to execute the next stage 
of OSS adoption within malaysia. we've already accomplished the awareness 
phase and the results of that phase have already started coming in, mampu's 
oss policy and government departments specifying OSS in tender docs for 

we now need to ramp up activities towards getting more people to use it, 
and to do this we need more than just awareness campaigns or distributing 
CDs at low yatt plaza. we need to start migrating organizations and 
companies to open source, one phase at a time. this can be as simple as 
getting SMI/SME/SMB types to ditch proprietary office suites and browsers 
in favour of OO.o and firefox/mozilla and then only later (much later) work 
towards a migration of server and desktop infrastructure to an OSS based 
operating system.

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