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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program On Their Own Time

On 09/23/05 23:37 Uwe Dippel said the following:
> Dinesh offered some insight into 'what makes the stock market of a 
> company' (or so; I am zero business person); but the mantra kept 

what i actually said was to debunk his fallacy that IP had value and that 
VC investors and the IPO market would not put value if the software was 
open source. having been thru the VC investment mill more times than i care 
to mention, i know that investors and IPO valuations are not determined by 
IP assets but rather by revenue and the mythical healthy PAT (profit after 
tax). these business benchmarks are the critical ones which determine the 
valuation of the company for investment or IPO and certainly not software 

while many companies utilize an accounting principle known as 
capitalization of assets to turn software into economic capital, these are 
usually just accounting mechanics in order to artificially boost up the 
paid up capital of the company or to hide expenses in order to show a 
higher profit. they certainly are not taken into account during any serious 
evaluation of the company's valuation.

> services, business models we had a hijack, sorry to say. No single drop 
> of blame on MAMPU. I think they were just as surprised.

and from what i hear, a little annoyed at the hijacking of their dialogue. 
in the end, there really is a silver lining to the cloud, so let's not 
focus on the wrong issues. :)

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