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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

On 09/24/05 13:00 Molly Cheah said the following:
> Nur Hussein wrote:
>> Can you identify any from this police line-up:
> Can't load the pictures from their web-site but names like Aaron Tan, 
> Simon Seow and infospec.com.my ring a bell. Mooi-Fah Yong also from 

let's not weaken the momentum by resorting to ad hominem and irrelevant 
attacks. community involvement in the MAMPU government OSS policy process 
is critical and with a lot of effort, MAMPU now recognizes the need to 
interact and collaborate with the other stakeholders in the game.

adopting a combative stance purely for the sake of vengeance or ridicule 
will not help the cause for it'd cement the notion that the OSS community 
are a bunch of rabid fanatics who wear old computer disks on their heads 
and give out blessings.

if we have to rebut, let us do it professionally, logically and with both 
finesse and style. battle like with like, before we're ignored and lose the 
right to respond.

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