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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

Another idea just came up on my mind.

We may need volunteers to write tutorials on how to use OSS software on Windows, and get them published in local magazines and newspaper media. Get your contacts in the media to start a publication/section on teaching people how to do things with your PC, such as setting up web servers, ftp servers, doing software development, offer to write free articles for the media but we use Opensource products/development tools.

This advantage is that every week we will have a continue tutorial lesson/sessions for the WHOLE of malaysia who reads those tech mag inserts or newspapers.

Once again I stress, these tutorials must work on windows because that's what most people out there are probably using.
We should start promoting articles on how to do certain things in OSS on Windows platform, publishing them in the newspaper/media. Last time, long ago these tech mags use to have some sections on teaching programming etc etc.. now we can bring those sections/lessons back, but using OSS products as replacements instead, teaching them where to get etc.. and which free or trial GUI tools to get for easier setup etc.
Introduce them to WAMP, XAMPP, etc..

Also introduce them to GIMP, etc... any OSS product you can think of that can run on Windows.

On 9/24/05, jason chong < jcvw75@gmail.com> wrote:
Here's my suggestion I could think of at the moment.